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~ Current News ~
GOOD NEWS from the LLA Debris Committee:
Dear Leesville Lake Neighbors,
Our LLA Debris Committee is one-year old as of this month. Since its conception we have been working diligently to make significant progress with AEP to greatly improve the debris situation on our lake.
Last week, two executives from AEP, Ohio flew to our area specifically to meet with one of our committee members.
Here is an excerpt from a letter from AEP that  we received today: 
1.       Until further notice, we will have a dedicated crew working on Leesville Lake. To be most efficient, the crew is working Tuesday through Friday on a 10 hour day schedule. Obviously adverse weather in the area could impact work on the water.
2.       We have a contractor who will be moving onto Leesville Lake in the near future as well. This requires some trucking coordination so I can’t tell you exactly when he will be working on the lake but we believe it will be within the next couple of weeks. We will let you know when the contractor does get started.
 These items have already and will certainly continue to result in more debris removal on the lake. With regard to using a skimmer on the lake, we are looking at options but have determined the skimmer we had was in worse condition than previously thought and it’s not a likely resource to be used this year.
We are continuing to work on your requests around scheduling and communicating plans, coordination of the work as well as Pigg River issues.
This letter is extremely positive and encouraging.
Our committee continues to be on top of the debris situation that obviously will not be solved in full for some time, but
we are definitely making progress.
Please continue to report debris (now more than ever) to TLAC and to our LLA Debris address.
With hope for safe water activities on our precious lake,
Randy and Jim Weiss
Debris Committee Co-Chair(s)
 For information, requests, or comments regarding the business operations of Sunset Bay, or for concerns regarding maintenance of common features and areas in the subdivision, please contact Holly Snead, who will be the primary contact for the property owners. She may be reached at (fastest method) or at 434-385-1025, extension 18. For after hour emergencies, Brownstone Properties may be reached at 434-941-5399 on a 24 hour basis. Sunset Bay Board of Directors will continue to be responsible for the well-being of Sunset Bay operations and provide on-going oversight and direction to Brownstone Property Management Services Company.
NOTE: For security purposes, the combination locks to access the Common facilities such as the Boat Storage Lot and Boat Launch/Ramp & Community Dock are periodically changed and they were changed on January 28, 2017.  The Common Facilities are only available for use by property owners that are current with their annual membership dues and have no outstanding liens. 

~ Upcoming Events ~
Open HOA Board Meeting
Saturday, May 18th, 1:00 p.m. at Altavista Library
First Board meeting of 2019
Leesville Lake Beautification Day
Saturday, June 8th, Begins 9:00 a.m. at Leesville Lake

~ Sun Set Bay View ~