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Utilities and Services

Electrical Service
Southside Electric Cooperative            Have your account number to report outages
Propane Gas Delivery
We do not have a natural gas distribution system so any gas fired appliances will require propane.  We do not recommend one source over another.

Telephone and Internet Service
Consolidated Communications (used to be Fairpoint)
Cable Television
There is no wired cable service and local television reception is limited due to the terrain.  Both Dish TV and Direct TV offer a clear signal and packages with hundreds of cable channels along with local programming.  In many cases there are special offers available for free equipment or free installation or sometimes both when you sign an annual contract.
Stay Tuned: Consolidate Communications may be changing this in the near future.
Internet Service
DSL is available through Consolidated and Frontier.  
Satellite Services Available include: HughesNet and Viasat's Execde service.
Verizon is a sufficient 'hot spot' alternative.
Burglar Alarm Service
There are Burgular Alarm service providers in the area. Alarm systems can be built in when your home is being constructed. ADT and Altavista Alarm are two examples. Altavista Alarm's phone number is 434-369-5206
Trash Removal
Self-service at the Pittsylvania County dump site at the corner of N. Summerset and Bright's is available. Trash Removal services to individual homes is not currently available to the Sunset Bay community.  Recycling for aluminum cans and newsprint can be found in Gretna at 6300 Rockford School or in Hurt at 3700 Wards Road.