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  • chevron_rightCombination of Locks
    Common area boat storage and boat launch facilities are available to association members in good standing.  The Boat Storage and Launch form should be filled out and sent to one of the board members with your request for the combinations.  The combinations are kept different and are changed on a periodic basis to ensure only Sunset Bay residents are using them.  Please contact Brownstone Properties prior to site visit to obtain the lock combinations.  After use, please re-lock the gates and spin the combination to prevent unauthorized entrance.
  • chevron_rightWhat is there to do here?
    After you've relaxed on the first night and seen a beautiful sunset you may want to venture out a bit. There are all kinds of activites available here.  Whether it's boating, fishing or skiing on the lake; hunting, golfing, touring or visiting the local wineries.  Many links are included under 'local links' to get you started on discovering what the region has to offer.
Annual Dues
  • chevron_rightAnnual Dues
    Annual Dues are required for basic upkeep of common areas, including mowing and street lighting.  Invoices are mailed out during December with payment due within 30 days from invoice date.  Late fees  will be applied to any unpaid invoices.   Please contact Brownstone Properties if you have questions (Contact Us section).
  • chevron_rightAdvisory Architectural Committee
    This committee is responsbile for reviewing plans for the design and location of structures, landscapes and other property improvements.  Plans should be submitted to the Advisroy Architectural Committee before any actual construction begins.  This committee is appointed by the board and can be contacted through the 'Contact Us' page.
  • chevron_rightBoard Approval to build
    Reference the Document page for both Covenants and Restriction documents.  I recommend you read both documents.  The Plan Approval Check List  must be completed and submitted to the board.  Please allow up to 45 days for the Board to approve after receipt of all required documentation.  Questions may arise during the approval process.  Applications and questions can be submitted through the 'Contact Us' page.
  • chevron_rightAdvisory Landscape Committee
    This committee is responsible for making recommendations to the board for the upkeep of the common areas.   This committee is appointed by the board. Questions can be submitted through the 'Contact Us' page.
Selling Property
  • chevron_rightNew Property Owner Disclosure Package
    If you are selling your property, according to the Virginia State Law, the purchaser is entitled to receive a Property Owner Disclosure Package.  Please contact the Association's current Secretary to obtain a valid Disclosure Package.  The then current year's annual homeowner's dues plus any unpaid late or other fees must be paid in full before a lot can be sold.  There is a $25 fee required upon request of a new property owner package.