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Advisory Architectural Review Committee
Purpose: To administer quality control over home design and materials, site planning, landscaping and related matters.  Refer to Article V of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Sunset Bay for details.
Members: Cathy Hipps,  David Grider
Advisory Landscape Committee
Purpose: To provide quality control oversight of maintenance to the common grounds within budgeted guidelines.
Members: Andy Hensley, David Johnson
Hardscape Committee
Purpose: To provide quality control oversight of routine maintenance or replacement of permanent subdivision constructed Hardscape items such as the dock, boat ramp, paving of Association owned streets, electrical utilities, street and subdivision signage, boat storage yard, fencing, etc .
Members:  Wayne Wilkins, Jonathan Pingilley
Please submit your inquiries through the 'Contact Us' page.  A committee or board member will get back to you.